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Church of the Blue Star

Blue Star Church
Rev Mother Mary Elizabeth Thunder
West Point, Texas

        The Church of the Blue Star came forth from a Vision of Thunder and her Elders in 1988. At that time, a non profit entity called Blue Star Inc. was born in the State of Texas. At that same time, a Church was formed and sanctioned by the State of Texas called the Church of the Blue Star. Since 1988, the head of the Blue Star Church has been and continues to be Rev Mother Mary Elizabeth Thunder.    
        As Thunder has traveled, many Eastern Masters have called her a Bodhisattva. Specifically of late, Venerable Phra Ajahn Yantra Amaro, from Thailand, did a ceremony of recognition and honoring of Thunder in 2000. Sharing with all that Thunder had the ability to reach back into the past ~ past lives, and bring forth the good karma. He went on to say that all she recognized could attain the Bodhisattva existence in this life.
        Bodhisattva is a Buddhist term of one that has attained prajna or enlightenment but postpones nirvana in order to help others to attain enlightenment. Individual Bodhisattvas are the subjects of devotional in certain sects and are often represented in painting and sculpture. Bodhi means illumination and sattva means existence. A Bodhisattva prayer is...May all beings enjoy profound brilliant glory.
        Late in 1999, Thunder received a message from spirit to recognize people who have dedicated themselves to the spirits work, with Blue Star, by making them ministers of the Blue Star Church. In a beautiful candle lit ceremony in the Quan Yin Garden at the Thunder Ranch, Thunder, Chief Richard Grimes, and First Lady Starr Grimes, preformed the ceremonies.
        Blue Star Ministers are from all walks of life, all levels of experience, and all manner of expertise. Being spiritual at heart they are a rainbow of the wisdom energies at work! In March of 2004, others joined the original group making a total of
Ministers of the Blue Star Church in West Point Texas.
        Recognizing others for their good work as Ministers of the Church, she went on to challenge them to go further in this life, become better, as parents, as teachers, as artists, as  caretakers of the earth. 
        If you are a Minister, a teacher, you can contribute a lot in awakening people of the need for mindful consumption, because that is the way to real emancipation. If you are a journalist, you have the means to educate people, to wake people up to the nature of our situation.
        Thunder went on to say, that Masters have shared with her that everyone of us can transform himself or herself into a Bodhisattva doing the work of awakening. Because only awakening can help us to stop the course we are taking, the course of destruction. Then we will know in which direction we should go to make the earth a safe place for us, for our children, and for their children.

"For those who look Sun ward, the Shadows fall behind."

Sanctioned by the Board of Directors of Blue Star Church,
and with the powers invested in me,
I Rev Mother Mary Elizabeth Thunder
have ordained
the following Ministers of Blue Star Church 
Official List
Church of the Blue Star
Ordaining Minister
Rev Mother Mary Elizabeth Thunder/Thunder Ranch

Advisory Board of Blue Star
Advisors & Ministers
Chief Richard Earl Grimes/Fox, AR
First Lady Starr DaVee Grimes/Fox, AR
Sun dance Chief Charles Chipps/Wamblee, SD
Traditional Chief Leonard Crow Dog/Rosebud, SD
Dr. Elizabeth Gaines/Indianapolis, IN
Chief Hobson "Butch” Hennigan/San Marcos, TX
Chief Michael Hull/Austin, TX
Sun dance Chief Gerald Mallard/Rosebud, SD
Chief Martin Lewis “Gentle Bear” Rastall/Crosby, TX
Chief Marvin Swallow/Rosebud, SD
First Lady Hiroko Jade Matsuda Swallow/Rosebud, SD
Sun dance Chief Francisco Jimenez Sanchez Tlakaelel/Mexico

Blue Star Ministers
Rose Anne Alisandre/Little Rock, AR
Brad Michael Archote/Leslie, AR
Carolyn M Ball/Myrtle Beach, SC
Pat Bajorek/Lonoake, AR
Donna Barras/Austin, TX 
Wade Batterton/Newton, PA
Dawn Belettati/Alba, Italy
Paolo Belettati/Alba, Italy
Alan Joseph Benedict/Oak Park, IL
Bonnie Biggs/Seattle, WA
Debbie Bonniwell/Middleton, VA
Sharon Maria Burney/Houston, TX
Patricia Collado/Little Rock, AR
Sandy Bargsley Collins/Austin, TX
David Vincent Corrado/Seattle, WA
Mark Courtman/Keauhou, HI
Suzanne Marie Day/Fox, AR
Denise Anne Downing/Chicago, IL
Catherine Elizabeth Earley/Morganton, NC
Tina Elizabeth Emerson/Bartlesville, OK
Marcia Emposimato/Hillside, NJ
Jesse James Fearing/West Point, TX
Betty Lou 'Bebe' Gaines/Smithville, TX
Beth Evelyn Grimes/West Point, TX
John Eric Grimes/Indianapolis, IN
Sheri Grimes/Indianapolis, IN
Jacqueline Gelzer/Huntsville, AL
Bert Gunn/Chaplin, CT
Kayron Faye Lalonde/Austin, TX
Mona Anne Marcantel/Austin, TX
Gregory Martins/Crownsville, MD
Augusta Ogden/Bearsville, NY
Jackie Partin/Cannon Ball, ND
Gabriela Perazzo/Knoxville, MD
Deborah Louise Rushing/Little Rock, AR
Jerry Alan Rushing/Little Rock, AR
Andrew Thomas Suter , North Bergen, NJ
Connie Billingsley Thompson/Leesburg, VA
Annie Guadalupe Williams/Austin, TX
Jude Tolley/Long Beach, CA
Rena Susan Watts/Fox, AR
Angelique Warntjes/La Chauds De Fonds, Switzerland
Kees Nieuwenhuyse/La Chauds De Fonds, Switzerland
Willyn Wahl/Elgin, TX
Caroll Beatrix Weaver/Wimberly, TX
L. Jan “Sparky Shooting Star” Hunt/South Amherst, MA

In Memorial
Sun dance Chief Wallace Black Elk
Grace Spotted Eagle
Grandmother Kitty
Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch
Sun dance Chief Buddy Red Bow
Thomas Anthony Tirrota
Rolling Thunder
Forest Wahl

Revised September 2007