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Mary\Joanne Parks  & Max

Joanne & Carl Parks...Max the 36,000 Year old Crystal Skull

Mary Thunder, Joanne Parks and Max the Crystal SkullJoanne Parks is the custodian of the famous Texas Crystal Skull known as Max. She was given the custodianship of the Crystal Skull by the Red Hat Lama and Healer, Norbu Chen, before his death in 1980. Since that time Joanne and her husband Carl have traveled extensively throughout America on speaking engagements, workshops and ceremonial events sharing as Joanne herself puts it, the amazing mind enhancement of this incredible learning tool called Max the Crystal Skull. They have been featured in several books, including "The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, (unlocking the secrets of the Past, Present, and Future)" by Chris Morton and Cheri Louise Thomas. They also appeared on an episode of the TV series "Strange Universe", as well as being featured on a BBC British Network Special. Joanne, Carl and Max are honored Peace Elders at the Wolf Song Conferences founded by Grandmother Twylah Nitsch to promote peace and cultural unity among the indigenous peoples of the world.