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Max The Crystal Skull

Max the Crystal Skull's Message

Max the Crystal Skull's MessageWhat am I about?  I am about many things, however , that depends on your personal levels of growth and understanding.  I am about Truth and Integrity and Respect.  The Truth and Integrity is how I am represented.  The Respect is of the crystal skulls and the indigenous people who created me.

I am here as a teacher and a tool.  I am a connector that goes back to self.  When you look into my eyes, you are looking at a reflection of your own self, of who you are, and who you inspire to be.

I am about peace and harmony and bringing people together.  I am here to help bridge the gap between Races, Cultures, and Religions.

I am about healing.  However, remember there are many levels of healing.  There is physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional healing.  All of these levels must be treated in order to heat what is sick.

 I am about self, the reunion with your self and tapping into the path of higher consciousness.  Each time an individual comes into contact with me, some shift in their consciousness occurs.  That shift is generally around their ability to feel more connected to the self.  I am here to gently awaken the sleeping giant of Spirituality that lays buried deep within humankind.  I accomplish this with my unique gift of touching each individual in my own way.

All of this I do with the aid of my keeper, Jo Ann Parks.  She is the translator for those who wish to hear and learn about me and the very means by which I travel the planet.  With Jo Ann’s help, I am no longer an old Rock Head hanging around inside the closet.  I am now a Rock Star, presenting my message of unity around the world.

“Max’s” Peace Message to the World

P             is for the past mistakes for killing Mother Earth.

E              is for our effort in the sharing of her rebirth.

A             is for all mankind, Red, Yellow, Black, or White.

C             is for the courage it will take to make it right.

E              is not for easy.  We’ll have to fight with all our might to make this world  a better place.  Our love can make it right.

Mankind will not awaken until we learn how to blend each other’s truths for love and peace.  It all begins within.  That is how we’re going to make it, that is how we’re going to win.   The wars that we hate so much really do begin within.  Until we trust each other and we learn how to bend, these wars will keep on raging right to the very end.

Put this all together and it spells PEACE for you and me where all can come together in a world that will be free.