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A Negative to Positive Energy Aid

Dearest Ones...
        I want to share with you these important items that a good friend of mine by hand. She is most precious and gracious person so always her good energy goes into each piece. I am happy she is willing to make them available to people. I have asked her to do so because they have been wonderful to have in my life. I am putting them up on the web. As soon as my camera works, I will get some pitcures of them...I asked Annie to write about them... Annie's Email is cooper4cat@aol.com

Dear Thunder,
        Wilhelm Reich, a psychologist and assuredly a Godly man, described the work of orgone and how it makes us well.  Simply put, it takes negative energy and makes it positive.  It has a clockwise wound copper wire.  It has goldstone (gold or blue on the surface) with abalone or not, to increase the energy.  Goldstone is minute specs of copper in glass, which is related to quartz as it is silica.  Behind the design are several water clear crystals touching the copper wire.  Around them are titanium or aluminum pieces.  I think it works like a battery, except it is God's energy that it is magnifying. 

        Wear at all times, except in the shower.  Put some on the computer monitor, on the TV, under your bed (I need to send you some more generic muffins for this one).  Place them close to towers (they send out negative energy, Thunder), in shrub beds, where there won't be cultivating and mowing.  Put them at the entrance to your ranch, at your doors, front and back.  Put one in your car.  Know that these times are filled with trials and dangers.  Good is in a war with evil.  God will ultimately win, but it is going to get really messy and painful first.

        I will send you some generic muffins (orgone pieces) to do the placement in your world.  PLEASE always have one on your body.  I want you protected. 

        Love and hugs,

        Anne Cooper...

Prices are...Both/all pendants are $21.99. The other pendant is Blue Goldstone (goldstone is tiny copper pieces in glass-the only man-made stone that I use or like). The "muffin" is $4.      The fish is $31.99.

        All prices include shipping. I take postal money orders or PayPal at cooper4cat@aol.com.

        I appreciate any and all help you give me. Best Christmas card so far: A cat sitting with Christmas tree sunglasses on saying "No one is stirring because I ate the mouse!" Hope your holidays are merry. I love the new dog. Love, Annie

        Anne Cooper
        PO Box 1350
        Pilot Point, TX 76258-1350

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