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 Countdown to the Year 2000


(as printed in Blue Star Newsletter)

I have been fussing over the question...What words do you write in your newsletter to your Friends & Relations with perhaps this being the last newsletter of the Millennium? Mostly what keeps coming up is Thanks & Gratefulness...Thanks for the opportunity I have had to be a part of your lives in some way, for I know, your being a part of mine, has changed it. Thanks for coming back & letting us have the chance to "Dance" this one together. Thanks for the Spiritual Service, Connections, Love, & Support & Friendship, that has been a part of my life with you this lifetime. Thanks for caring & sharing & being! Thanks for the Memories!

Wow, Have the energies been "big"! An Amazing year of growth, change, Miracles, & yes, some upheaval. So many are coming to the Sweat Lodges & Healing Ceremonies at the ranch & calling or writing for prayers it is unbelievable. I was thinking the other day...Hey, what's going on here. While thinking, I realized that it seems that a lot of the things I have heard people saying out loud in past years & days is now a part of their lives. Michelle Rix says that Time Lapse between Thought & Manifestation is lessening. So think very positively right now...for it seems that for many, negativity is up & running! Folks are looking at issues of powerlessness, & self image. What we haven't cleared is back to haunt us.

It is said that out of Chaos the World was born...so it seems quite obvious that we are traveling thru some of the most uncharted waters ever ventured. My own life has been a spiraling journey full of lessons, joy, & pain. Claiming who I am, recognizing & accepting both the darkness & the light within helps me return to my own wholeness. Standing in my power, keeping centered, taking 1 day at a time & reminding myself to "Let Go & Let God" is perhaps one of the greatest gifts to myself & to my world I can give at this time. As Spiritual Warriors, when we walk in the "Beauty Way" we are balanced in our spiritual, emotional, mental, & physical selves. We are then truly the Divine Children of our Creator who sent us here to have fun & be happy.

The Creator seems to have given us assignments which we don't have a "wits clue" about. We are walking with new, unfamiliar & sometimes unwanted realities. Again, it remains our choice, duty, & soul investment to carry on, be everything we have been trained to be & to do exactly what it is we so desired to do when we embarked on our spiritual paths. We have been trained as "Spiritual Warriors"...well ask yourself...what for? FOR HERE & NOW! We are all explorers & the most compelling frontier is the human consciousness. Our Quest is for the Discovery of a Vision for Humanity! A dream & a vision that reminds us of our wholeness & connection, not only to each other & to the Earth, but to the innerself, The Soul!

Last New Years Eve at our annual ceremony, the Spirit told me to prepare for the year 2000 in this way..."As if you were a Hostess preparing for a party!" The Spirit went on to give instructions...Build 2 Towers on either end of the House, get solar powered backups for the electrical equipment, & lay in food for the people who might come & have a gathering of Elders who can come together in a healing spirit for 1 mind/1 heart/in 1 prayer/1 Millennium. Since that sharing by Spirit, we now have 1 tower on the South side of the house thru the graciousness & support of Steve & Mary Lesniak of New Hampshire. The Tower is two storied-1st floor is the Teaching Room & the 2nd story is the Library. As I am writing this story before I go to Sundance, our friends from Holland with the Ranch Crew are putting stones on our new Castle Tower & we have poured the foundation for the 2nd Tower on the North End); Thru the graciousness of Jacqueline Gelzer & Mark Courtman we have a solar backup for the well, solar fence for the buffalo & new solar front lights thanks to Brad Archote. Because we feed & help so many folks who come thru the Ranch, we applied for & were accepted into the Austin Area Food Bank, What a Blessing; & finally, the gathering of Elders-Well that is what this newsletter is all about...getting ready for & sharing with you about the 4 Colors Gathering we are planning.

The Spirit did not say...Doom or Gloom...Just prepare for a Party.

I believe that the Spirit is providing many opportunities to bring back our lost Positive Knowledge-The Original Blue Prints. The DNA Reconnection knowledge of our Original BP will provide our physical & spiritual survival thru out these times with knowledge & connection for the imminent actions that will need to be taken. We have been in "Training" for this mission for 1,000's of years...preparing for this Cosmic Moment on Earth. Long ago the Creator embraced us & reviewed our lives...making the decision to allow us to accept this mission "COUNT DOWN TO YEAR 2,000". We accepted knowing that due to the urgency of the mission & the hour, this lifetime would be unprecedented! On this mission, we would be asked to draw down into the very depths of our souls & draw on every electron of strength, courage, skill, talent & knowledge we have. This was going to be the culmination of everything we have been working on since the very beginning of time. We volunteered to be the hands & arms of God to bring an extraordinary Divine Plan to fruition. Let us hold those hands & lift ourselves up so that all Life may be uplifted. The Dream & Vision of a New Millennium...The Journey of a Lifetime...begins with a Dream & Wish...As we journey thru this 1999 year...may there be so much joy & excitement in the expectation of probabilities! Forward with the hope that all who participate will translate their Visions into their own worlds/own service/their own special spirituality action, for the benefit of All of Our Relations! This journey was designed to provide safe passage for all Time Travelers, coming together to join our hearts in 1 prayer for all times-all peoples-We can make a prayer that will go 1,000 years backward into our genetic past & 1,000 forward into our genetic future! All we have to do is come together in like mind, heart, make a prayer, & dream a Vision! We have to be able to get out of our own stuff/emotions & become that Spiritual Warrior that is always available for worldly service because they have conquered the most evil of all demons that of SELF

Love Always Thunder