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Joseph Arend Meta

Joseph Arend (which means Eagle) Meta (which means compassion)

Born on April 3rd at 11:28pm Switzerland time at the Porrentruy Hospital to Mommy Evelynne & Daddy Remco. In attendance at the baby's birth was Daddy holding mommy, Angelique, Thunder, and First Lady Starr was in duty as midwife, Joost & Isabel, who was the interpreter. Mommy Evelynne did a miraculous job as a first time Mother. Thunder reports that Daddy Remco was an amazing daddy coach.

The baby was born with a veil of white skin on face & back (the sign of a prophet or one who will have sight in this life) & the cord wrapped around his neck. (Hes OK though) It was an amazing journey to do this during vision quest. Thunder joined the delivery in the last half hour so was there to hear the first baby cry and do a blessing immediately on the child. Evelynne was kept in the hospital overnight and everyone at the VQ prayed over a candle & prayer ties were made. They were taken to a local Mother Mary Grotto where the candle & ties were put under the hospices of Mother Mary during the birth & stay overnight.

The next day after all the questers came off the hill, Mommy & Daddy brought baby Joseph to the pipe ceremony where he was blessed with the sacred smoke of the Cannupa by Jesse & Kees.

Thunder is so grateful for everyone that prayed. We could feel the prayers from all over the world.