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Masaru Emoto Water Ceremony

Oh boy this is important.

Tomorrow I see my Dr Arlete Pharo
& will get the jars from her to send water
from our Buffalo Pond & Woman's Temple
pond...here on the ranch. Then of course,
I shall do a ceremony!!!!!!!

July 25th, 2005 at Thunder Ranch/
our ceremonial ranch in West Point, Texas
*Maybe an Inipi~Sweat Lodge
***Can someone send me the right time per our Texas time?
(Webmaster: Add 7 hours to Texas / US-Central time )

Blessings Thunder

Hello, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.
Global Meditations Network.

JULY 25, 2004, Japanese water scientist MASARU EMOTO
will be in Liechtenstein conducting a water healing seminar/ceremony.
He wishes everyone to participate in the ceremony.  Five days ago in
Tokyo, when he spoke with me about the July 25 event, I assured him
that I would ask all of you in the Global Meditations Network to
participate in your own way.

Please visit http://thank-water.net/english/index.html for complete
details.  I will sumarize them here.

Japanese water scientist MASARU EMOTO, author of several books,
including Messages From Water and The Message from Water III, asks
everyone world wide to send water by July 24 to Hado Life Institute
in Liechtenstein so this water can be ready for a July 25 ceremony
to Send Love and Thanks to Water.

The procedure: Use a clean PET bottle. Take 200 ml to 500 ml of water
from a water source near where you live, such as river, pond, lake or
well. Then, please give Hado, a vibration of Love and Thanks, to this
water. Tightly close the lid of the bottle and wrap it with aluminum
foil about three times. After that, send the water via air mail to the
following address.  It needs to arrive by July 24.

Hado Life Europe
Attn: July 25 Project
Essanestrasse 164, 9492 Eschen, Liechtenstein

Please label your bottle with your name, address, place where you have
taken the water, and the date.

If you are personally taking part in the Liechtenstein ceremony, you
may bring the water with you.

In Liechtenstein, on the day of the ceremony, July 25, the water sent
from all over the world will be combined and then given the Hado
of Love and Thanks before being put into the Rhine River along
with prayers that all the water existing in Europe and on the entire
earth will be filled with Hado of Love and Thanks.

The Rhine River originates from the Alps in Switzerland, runs through
Liechtenstein, flows along the borders of Austria, Germany and France,
cuts across Germany and The Netherlands, and then ends in the
Northern Sea.  The Hado of Love and Thanks water sent from
Liechtenstein to the Rhine River will continue along and finally
cover this planet via the Northern Sea and the vast oceans.

If you live near the Rhine River, please take water samples from
the river before and after the ceremony and send them to us. 
Please e-mail Yasuyuki Nemoto, love@thank-water.net.

At several points on the lower streams of Liechtenstein, volunteers
will take samples of water before and after the ceremony.  The
Hado Life Institute in Liechtenstein and the I.H.M. Institute in
Tokyo will photograph water crystals from the samples and post
them on the internet and in the Hado magazine

Hado Life Europe Tel: +(423) 3730220 (Office), +(423) 3730221 (Lab)
Fax: +(423) 3730222
E-Mail: office@hado-life-europe.com
Homepage: http://www.hado-life-europe.com

See http://thank-water.net/english/index.html for specific details
about the July 25 seminar in Liechtenstein.

If you cannot attend the 14:00-17:00 seminar or the 19:00 ceremony
in Liechtenstein on July 25, wherever you are on July 25, please
send your Love and Thanks to all the water on this planet.

If you are planning to hold your own ceremony to Send Love and
Thanks to Water on July 25, please send your schedule, no matter
whether the scale is big or small, to love@thank-water.net so your
ceremony can be announced.

The purpose of this Project is for us together to dedicate our sincere
Love and Thanks to all the water on this planet.

Water is the most ordinary matter on this planet, but at the same time
it is multidimensional and connected deeply with our own
consciousness. By sending our Love and Thanks to water, we believe
that we cannot only purify the water on this planet but also raise our
own collective consciousness towards the peace of the world.
Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf

P.S.  In Japan a week ago, with Margaret Fikioris and Native American
shaman, SilverStar, we three collected water from a prehistoric cave
formed by ancient eruptions of  sacred Mount Fuji.  We intend to send
samples of this water to Liechtenstein for the July 25 event so it may
be joined with yours.

Submitted in the spirit of peace and love for all life,
Sharon 444
*Sharon Pacione*