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Water Blessings Ceremony

Dear Ones...

In our Water Blessings Ceremony, on July 25th, we joined up with folks all over the
world in support of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his wifes work with water . It was our intension to
not only support, their incredible work, but to support a prayer for the waters of the world to be
thanked and to be loved in prayer. It was an incredible intension, and an incredible moment
across this world for this intension.

I was grateful of  have heard about it so that we could put our energies into it. I send this
out today to again celebrate the moment.

Before going into both ceremonies, we had the priviledge of taking SFC Dawn Meyers
yellow ribbon off the old oak tree. She has returned from her tour of duty in Iraq and is home
now with her beloved friend, Bobbie Leigh-Myers.

We did Two Ceremonies...One in the Quan Yin Garden, where we filled a goblet with
sacred waters of the world and prayed over them. Then we did a Sacred Inipi (Stone Peoples

In the Quan Yin Ceremony after we had all prayed over the waters with the words from
the experiment, then we poured the water into the Quan Yin Pond; the pond down by the Womans HeaIing Temple; and then our Buffalo Pond.

We then decided to drink some sacred water that  was given to me by Dusty Miller the 13th
from England. He gifted me this bottle when I got to meet him and his wife at our beloveds, Angelique and Kees home in Switzerland. We poured them into beautiful goblets, where we said the exact words but also drank it as a healing for our own bodies water containment. Then we saluted each other with the words. It felt just wonderful.    

The words on the bottle read:

Holy Water
Dedicated to The Mother Goddess

Right now this bottle contains pure Holy Water from
the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England.

However, this bottle also contains a very special,
200 million year old Amber Pebble
which is a truly magickal item.
If you take care to keep the Pebble in the bottle
it will convert this humble, plastic bottle
into a real magickal source of Holy Water.

Every time you refill this bottle with normal,
clean water, you will find that you will be able to
pour out real Holy Water with a much higher
Angstrom Energy Level than any normal
Holy Water from a natural source.

Unfortunately, this bottle will not last forever,
but the stone will; and will never need to be
re-charged. So you can use it in another bottle.

When you drink the water, dont forget to
thank The Goddess for this miracle.

Blessed Be, Dusty Miller