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A Story From Me


Hello My Dear Friend Leah & all the folks at "For Your Consideration":

I want to start out by saying, "Blessings to All!" & Thank you for asking me to share something with you & your readers...I am writing up some feelings I have had lately about EMOTIONAL SHIFTS/MEMORY/THE PAST & THE NOW.

Recently, a great metaphysical teacher, Drunvelo Melchizedek, shared his thoughts about what he felt would be happening on earth prior to the Earth actually entering the Fourth Dimension. He said that there would be a period of time where there may be worldwide chaos; where people could go insane; social systems, financial systems, political systems, etc. would collapse & the planet is plunged into total chaos.

Whew, that's pretty heavy. I also got to thinking about how Native Peoples are saying we are going into the Fifth Dimension...The "fifth" leg of the Buffalo. Both are pretty much the same in how it is going to happen but notice that the NA's are a dimension ahead...Now that just might answer many questions about how "Indians" just live in another world...how about a whole other Dimension!

That time is NOW he says. Drunvelo says that the chaos is caused when the geomagnetic poles of the earth drop to zero & thus causing chaos & violence because human beings need the magnetic field of earth to maintain their emotional balance & memory. (For more info re: Drunvelo e-mail solarheart@aol.com)

Wow, after reading this message, I started to meditate on his words & kept remembering my favorite prayer for sometime now has been one of emcompassing all as I pray...GREAT MYSTERY I PRAY FOR ALL THAT HAS EVERY BEEN, ALL THAT WILL EVER BE, & WHAT WE HAVE TOGETHER RIGHT NOW. Time seems to be going much to fast for me to live in the past or really get all that involved into the far future (Other than manifestation Dreams)...I daily pray at Sunrise for the help of God to keep me in the present & in the NOW so that I can do my spiritual work.

SPIRITUAL TRAINING TO KEEP ME IN NOW: When my teachers talked to me about keeping in the now & letting go of the past, at first I just thought they were awful. How could I forget anyone of my children's first breaths. No, they said, those memories are great but what about the thoughts that stop you cold & start you in a negative state of emotions, then work to keep you & your life force energy there with destructive emotions & thoughts? Oh, I begin to see.


Does FAITH or FEAR rule our daily life? A lot of people think indigenous people are archaic when we talk about Spirit/God. Spiritis the place between that space where body & mind connect. THE EMOTIONS ARE THE DOORWAY! So what swings your door open? Positive or Negative thoughts?


Well, you would know you were in the NOW when it did not feel painful or chaotic, they would say. When you could feel at-one-ment with the God/Spirit you were in the NOW fully clear of any old baggage of past memories. Many times we are trapped in the past by our old memories; stuck in the present by not knowing what is going on; & afraid to look at the future because of fear.

I asked Grandma once, "How will I know I am in the NOW?" She reached out & stuck her thumb nail into my arm, causing a great deal of pain. I immediately grabbed the arm & rubbed the spot. She said, "Notice you are paying full attention to your arm?  Well, the pain has brought you back into the NOW from where you were. Many people hurt themselves just to keep in the present, body wise. You can be in the NOW, fully present & fully in awareness, without hurting yourself...it is called Intention & Choice.

I was told the past was not real, just a good version of Memorex & that by being there I could not be in touch & in communication with my soul & spirit--For Spirit lives in the NOW.

It begin to become clear to me that most of the positive emotions were based in the NOW & the negative, destructive, emotions were alive, when I let them be, in the past.

It only took a few experiences of changing emotional states, by returning to the NOW...to get me hooked.

THE NOW IS BASED IN LOVE: Love is At-One-Ment with God...not based on the duality of this universe (The Dance of Opposites) but the singleness of being aligned with the God Self/Spirit & you can't do that by living in the past. You have to be in the NOW to feel connection with God/Spirit & all that is--in awareness of the moment.

As we slip from our one-mind focus of the NOW, we go into separation. Separation creates distancing from God. Example: A sister is asking me for a healing & telling her story.  I hear a part of her story & it takes me into my own past memories & I miss the very piece that I needed for the healing because I did not hear it. I was separated from God/Spirit because I was in another reality or dimension called the past. To do the Healing correctly, I have to ask her to repeat her story & keep attuned/aware of the NOW & the Spirit comes in & heals the illness.

At birth we come into this universe of duality directly from the oneness of the Creative Force of God. Immediately, we go into separation from the oneness. We then go into the past instead of keeping in the NOW. We try to go back to God & are desperately seeking to regain the love we perceive we have lost in our illusion of separation from God which has seemingly slipped away from our being. In our outward search for love, we are filled with fears, anxieties, delusions, & lies of Others.

STAY OUT OF FEAR: How? Well, Love is to Fear as light is to Darkness. If darkness is the absence of light, then fear is the absence of love. If you are in fear, then you are not in the NOW.


We are the eye of the heart of the mind, Uncle Leonard Crow Dog says, & then we are the Universe. How is your Universe functioning?


Uncle Leonard would yell at people when they were doing just the opposite of what he had just told them..."Use the Mind that God gave you...Not the mind that you made up for yourself. Human beings must lose grip on old mind sets/beliefs/& thought patterns that obviously have not been working in our Universe. When they let go they then know & embrace the greatness of their Mind of the Spirit/God. The old "made up" mind must be shed, like excess baggage to make room & way for the new multidimensional version. Someone once said to me...you mean, Thunder, that all I have to do is change my mind, make better choices for myself & the world & it will affect 7 generations forward & 7 generations backward? Yep, Rolling Thunder said, "The only pollution is in the minds of men/women who can't dream or see a clean world & persist to hanging onto the garbage in their own minds."

Like a car, we must know how to shift gears if we are to retain our sanity! There is so much talk lately of people turning to violence or insanity, as the "Past" of our own mind crashes into the "Present" or our "Now".

We can't go on letting "others" beliefs, thoughts, etc. "RULE" us...knocking us around like leaves in the wind. We have to learn to "comand" our own emotions & our own minds of God.

This New Mind, we are creating, must allow us to grasp the complexity of our expanding world & preceptions. We will have to be more attuned to the Spiritual Nature of Life, returning to the feminine nature of our Mother Earth. This new mind, will have to be designed to take us to the far reaches of human potential.

SHIFTING FROM MEMORY TO THE NOW: Memory loss is often the first awareness of the changing mind.  People are afraid this memory loss is the result of poor diet or disease & that always made me laugh for I was trained to have lots of "Memory Loss" so I could have lots of Spirit Mind.  Everyone is experiencing it. Spiritually, we are told to live in the NOW, yet, memory holds us to the past & it brings up old hurts, people, & events, that are not real but just "Memory Chips" of the memory computer, that keep us from being fully in the present. As a part of my training, I was forced, thru different initiations, to keep "clear" & in the "Now" for that is where God/Spirit lives & going into the past, dragging up the dreggs of the old was not good for keeping my energy clear enough to do healing work.

AS THE MIND RELEASES IT'S NEED TO REMEMBER, WE WILL HAVE ACCESS TO THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS AT WILL! Like a computor, the mind will produce what we need, when we need it, without the necessity for memory clutter.

SHIFTING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT BRAIN DOMINATE: The left brain is known for its ability to produce logical linear thought. This part of your mind has kept you oriented in Earth's Time/Space continuum. Over the last few years, this too, has dissipated & the more creative, emotional, nonlinear, wholistic, mental nature is emerging. Your ability to gauge time & space is being replaced with a sense of the flow. A desire to explore; in full awareness of the exploration; replaces your need to be right. You don't get a healing from Cancer by being right, you get it by being in the NOW & the awareness & energy of the Healing Spirit.

SHIFTING FROM CONCENTRATION TO EXPANSION: The old mind prided itself on its ability to concentrate. Like a camera lens, it would focus on the details & block out all unnecessary data. This ability is also giving way to the multidimensional nature of the new mind.

Instead of focusing, the mind opens itself to everything. A state of hyper-awareness will then exist. Much like during meditation, you are aware of everything.  In my way, I call this the walking meditation of keeping busy while Spirit works on me & my problems. Our old Indian Grandmothers would keep us busy, busy, busy, for they weren't having any of this sitting around thinking about things...just do this (like carry a bucket of water for 5 miles--can't much get out of thinking about how heavy that bucket is becoming moment by moment) & what you need to be worked out, healed, or fixed by the Spirit will follow.

For example, this new ability allows you to be engaged in a conversation & be totally aware of the conversation going on next to you & be outside of your conversation, aware of your feelings & reacting to the lessons these feelings are triggering, all in the same instant. This is mental expansion & not distraction.


The old mind was like a motor that ran all the time. It burned energy & generated thoughts nonstop. This was considered normal & natural. We have learned that these mental ramblings & uncontrolled thoughts were also creating our chaotic world. I was told that 75% of our thoughts come from the lower back brain & are very negative. So, we must work hard to override these negative thoughts.

Deepak Chopra says, "Worry, uncertainity, & Doubt, are the 3 primary obstacles that prevent us from making efficient use of the power contained in every intention! When you doubt that a desire will come true, you are sending out a self defeating intention, which the Universe understands as a cancellaton of your first desire. That's the past...killing the future, kids!

As our old chaotic world is being transformed into a calmer more harmonious world, we are learning to take control of our thoughts.

Stilling the mind is the first step.

Intentional thoughts as the basis for our setting our manifestation, is the second.

Trust & self empowerment are the final ingredients needed to create a world of our dreams or heaven on earth!

We must celebrate the passing of the old mind, since it is one of the last obstacles to overcome. We must learn to take command of a sleek new & much more powerful version of our own minds.

Play with your new mind. Do some intentional manifesting with your thoughts, images, & affirmations.

See how much faster they appear in your life. Go thru a 24 hour period of silence so you can really get to know your thoughts.

Your new uncluttered mind will allow you to experience an uncluttered life.

CHANGING REALITIES REQUIRES CHANGING THE MIND: Old mental patterns no longer work, so they must be broken down & the mind restored to its rightful place, so it can work harmoniously with the body/soul/spirit.

The old mental confines were often comforting & the ways of the new can be confusing. As our mind is expanded, we are aware of all that is around us.

When looking for the clarity of the small mental scene, take a deep breath & recognize the beauty of the larger picture.

It is a blessing & not a disease that makes you become lost in your sea of images & experiences. Your blinders are being removed so you can experience it all.

All old thought forms must be literally broken up & discarded in order to make room for the new. Old attitudes & beliefs make way for TRUTH. This can cause a haziness of thoughts like a mental fog. You exist in a mist of unformed essence just beyound your grasp. It can be both scary & frustrating. Working, especially thinking, can be extremely challenging. Nothing seems to fit & you can't seem to hold onto a reality. These "foggy" thought periods can last from a few days to a few weeks, but they do give way to a greater & more beautiful reality. Learn to enjoy these periods & consider them a mental vacation of sorts--a time to experience life in a new way. Ask the Universe to support you as you move from the old known to the unknown & then into the new mind. IT'S THE OLD "LET GO & LET GOD" THING.

Nothing will stop this mental evolution. Humanity will move through it in order to reach beyond the limits of the mind. It can be a joyful state of growth, as well as scary.

Someday we will fully understand this transformation, (I Think) but until then, just relax, trust the process & experience joy.

Aho Mi Takaye Oyacin...

Amen to All My Relations...

All Things with Life!

Love Mary Elizabeth Thunder