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Message from Thunder

Well, Dear Ones,

if you haven't come & visited the Thunder Ranch yet, I do believe that this is the year to do it...for we have a mighty fine Spring Schedule! The Buddhist Monks from Thailand will be visiting us on their Dhamma Tour to share their message & share culturally our ceremonies like the Sweat Lodge; I will be teaching another Fantasy into Reality class on Creation/ Manifestation & Our friend Terry Gregston is teaming up with a couple of her Tracker Buddies to share their knowledge from teachings of John Brown the Tracker & then there's our regular Sweat Lodge every Saturday Nite starts at SunSet; Vision Quest & birth of new baby buffalo, & we are getting a new Ranchie from Holland & have a visitor here studing from Switzerland.

Yeah, we made it to 2000...& the Spirit says, that this is the year of Creating the Vision of the next 1,000 years of Peace...Why not journey inside to the source, the soul, & then work your own Creation Dreams with the help of the Ceremonies or Vision Quest!

Don't forget that in October the 4 Directions Conference #2 will convene...& I am so excited that Bob Nitsch just contacted us & told us that He & Grandmother Twylah Nitsch will be coming this year...Oh that is so great...Last year we had 31 Elders from all over the world...29 Free Gratis Supporters...& 25 paid participants...We still owe over $7,000.00 worth of bills from that...So we have to manifest better this year. Please come out & support these Elders that will again travel to Thunder Ranch! At Thunder Ranch, We live by Faith & Faith sustains us...We have many projects ongoing at the Ranch...The 2nd Tower, The garden, The Roses, The Meditation Gardens, The Woman's Temple, The Ceremonies; & all of this needs physical help, financial help, & prayer help!

Fantasy Into Reality"

With Mary Elizabeth Thunder

 At The Thunder Ranch

Thunder says that there is definitely something new happening on the planet. Are we at the beginning of a new world consciousness?

Mary Thunder is a Speaker, Peace Elder, Author, Sundancer, Grandmother, Mother. A Delegate to the first Spiritual United Nations Gathering in Arvillarde, France, she was asked to share a committee on women's roles in spirituality & family concerns. Thunder has hosted 2 World Peace Councils of over 200 Indigenous Elders at her home in West Point, Texas.

She travels globally sharing her message of One Prayer, One Heart, One Mind, One Millennium. Considered by many as a world Teacher, Thunder calls herself "A Sister on the Path of Life". She feels that we "chose" to come back this life to help take each other in the New Millennium.

"We are there, Now Let's Do It!"

FOR ALL SOULS LIVING, THIS IS A SIGNIFICANT LIFETIME…FOR SURE!  Thunder is bringing back FANTASY INTO REALITY, for the second year in a row. These classes have been popular & everyone seems to enjoy & grow from being part of the class. She is offering the class for 4 Saturdays, sharing lessons, teachings, & initiations from different Native American, Tibetan, Eastern teachers & Wise Ones from the different parts of her life on the road. Spirit has told Thunder to share this again with all of the people. Every lecture will have an overview with Thunder sharing about turning your Fantasies into your working Realities, about following your heart where ever it may lead you…Breaking out of all old limitations, fears, structures & beliefs that no longer work for you and that have bound you for so long.

At 300lbs Thunder realized that there was a world she retreated into where everything worked, & where she was beautiful like Cher. This world was not very functional in her life, though. If we go somewhere else to be ok, then we are not living 24 hours a day grounded into today world.

The Quality life is lived IN THE MOMENT, IN AWARENESS, & IN ALIVENESS!

Ones Greatest reality often emerges first as a wonderful daydream or fantasy dream of a better life. Perhaps our fantasies are really Great Spirit tapping on our shoulders to move us into aliveness in the now. Thunder will share what she knows of these pieces of the Great Mystery.  Remember Thunder's Fantasy from Last Years Class…"To go on the Cruise to Lose with Richard Simmons". Well Check out the Photos on www.marythunder.com.

Native Wilderness Survival &Tracking Course

With Terri Gregston

At The Thunder Ranch

Starting Sunday January 30th & the following Sundays of February 6, 13, 20

Terri Gregston is a Student of Tom Brown's Wilderness Survival & Tracking School

The Course Includes:

  • Exercises of Awareness & Observation skills in Nature
  • Primitive Fire making Techniques
  • Basic Tracking Techniques
  • Finding Water
  • Concepts of Shelter
  • Primitive Cooking Techniques

This Course is Open to all Especially Teens, call The Ranch for more info at 409-242-5474

Waking Up!

A Shamanic Journey to Living Life Passionately


Suzanne Day

In Friendswood, Texas (outside of Houston)

On March 11 & 12

Are we Awake or are we still stuck in the past!

The New Millennium is here. Are we living life fully & consciously in the moment? Do old emotions still affect us & cause our energies to leak, draining our vital forces? Let us learn to work in wholeness, full potentiality & joy. Let us reclaim our lives & remember our Purpose & our Dream.

Suzanne Day is a Shamanic Counselor, Sundancer & a Minister of The Church Of The Blue Star as well as A Minister of the Circle of the Sacred Earth.

She has taught shamanism for the past 14 years & has been a shamanic healing practitioner for 12 years. She is a person of great integrity who lives life with zest & humor. Her Classes are trademarked by lots of laughter, song & dance. Come dance, sing & play as Suzanne leads you on a journey to wholeness. In this experiential workshop we will work with:

  • Retrieval of Lost Energies
  • Transformation of Limiting Patterns
  • Awakening our Intuition
  • Release of Core Issues - blocks & fears
  • Activation of Sensory Receptors
  • Igniting our Highest Potential
  • Reweaving our Life's Web - repatterning & reprogramming for life & health
  • Secure & Vitalize our Energy Field - Strengthening our energetic field against disease, disharmony & negative thought forms.