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Letters about Jesse

An email from Jan (Shanti) Glover, Houston, Texas, talking about Jesse & Andrew Sutter...

Dear Mary Elizabeth Thunder -- regarding your 2 warriors, Jesse and Andrew, I wanted to say something which I should have already said in acknowledgement of them. 
                 ***Oh thats so great...they are such good guys...       
        When you came with Jesse and Andrew to Aquarian Age Bookshelf on November 15th for our final Fair and Celebration prior to closing the store after 33 years, there were a lot of people and energetic movement and activity in the building. I have written you in the past to thank you for the powerful healing ceremony you conducted at the end of the evening and how very much we all appreciated it. 
        But what I did not comment upon was the impression made by your warriors. Having lived in ashrams for many years, I felt a certain "presence" about them that one encounters only with those who are committed to service to others, have a deep inner commitment to their own spiritual growth, and have lived in the presence of a powerful teacher for an extended period -- whose teachings they have followed well.  There was a centeredness, a quietness, and a calm peacefulness about them that brought a sense of harmony and balance to the day.  Witnessing such an experience makes one so aware of how everything we do, say, or think impacts our universe and everyone in it.
                  ***Yes I am very lucky...they have been such good guys to be with me & I feel oh so blessed by meeting them. They have taught me much.
        We laid Aquarian Age Bookshelf to rest finally last weekend with mixed feelings of a little sadness but exhiliration at being on the brink of something new.  That November 15th evening with you and your warriors will live on in our memories for a long time.
                 ***I know it lives within my heart & my memory...Thank you Jan for a job well done for the planet...Thanks. I feel blessed to know you also.
        May Jesse and Andrew have a very blessed life living in joy and celebration.
                 ***I will surely give this to Jesse & Andrew...Wow. It brings tears to my eyes.
        Thank you. Thunder

        Love, Jan (Shanti) Glover

Dear Thunder: I just wanted to add to Jan's very observant comments, that who Jesse and Andrew are, and have become, is a testament to what a spiritual commitment to a Spiritual Teacher can be and do. I know that they were great human being when they arrived, but they have also demonstrated the growth and maturity of presence and compassion that come from years of service and commitment. Thank you Jesse, and Andrew, who you are is a teaching, and a testament to who our Beloved Thunder is as a Teacher.  God Bless You Thunder Love Rose Alisandre, Arkansas

Dear Jesse, Prayers that every day is full of beauty, health, and help.  Thank you so much for all the prayers you have made for the People and all the time and energy that you put into being in service.  May it come back to you in ways we can't even imagine. I think the world is much better off because of people like you! With love and gratitude,
        Sunny from Rhode Island

Thunder...as a male I appreciate the example that I have been able to see in Jesse. As males we don't get that many to watch. I am in awe and grateful to Jesse for the wonderful care he has given you. He is a wonderful model for a warrior and spiritual person and for this wonderful red road. I know that the Universe will bless Jesse's life a hundredfold wherever he chooses to move to the next stage. Love Dr PT Wilson, Minister, Indiana

Jesse...Thank you for being and growing and trusting and showing us how to live. Thank you for being such an example of spiritual service to Pure Love. Jacqueline Gelzer, Alabama

        Yep, Jesse rocks!  Jesse is present and always open to seeing and doing the next good thing that keeps the highest good rolling at the Ranch and on the Road.  I know he will take this gift and hard-won ability into his life.  I see the Universe blessing him and prayers that the ones who are called to service are able to hear and follow creators dream for them.  Yep, that's' a tall prayer, but miracles are common, ordinary, everyday things with this Channunpa.  Walk this way, and see life recreating, lifetime after lifetime. Thank you walking this way. Love, Sparky Shooting Star, Mass

Hey Jesse, I just wanted to thank you for your help with our gathering here at the Hill of Tara in Ireland. I still remember you walking and drumming up that sacred Hill of Tara. Keep drumming!!! The world needs you! Annette Peard, Ireland