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Bert is a wonderful friend who we have shared many adventures with in France, Holland, England, & Wales.  Bert Gunn is a 14 year Sundancer and the Tecutli (President) of Kalpulli Chaplin, Inc.  He has traveled extensively with Maestro Tlakaelel for 17 years as Tlakaelel's translator, documenter and organizer of the Maestro's many events and workshops around the world. He is also the Zihuakoatl (Administrative Director) of both In Kaltonal of the US, and the International Confederation of Kalpultin. He is a clinical social worker, but in recent years has been more of a handyman, as he is traveling too much to take on counseling clients at this time. He is the editor of Tlakaelel's book, Nahui Mitl, and has been producing various recordings and CD's of Tlakaelel's talks. Bert has also been helping to organize and document the work on the Tekpan Tontzin  (Mother Temple), a new pyramid project along with the Kalmekatl (Indigenous University) in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Bert is also an amateur photographer and videographer who wishes he had a lot more time to edit all he has. Life is just too busy sometimes, traveling, organizing, and preparing to travel as well as working to make ends meet. He is a handyman on various levels who tries to fill in whatever is needed wherever he goes.  Bert has led his life trying to spread Peace at all levels among all he contacts.

Peace statement by Bert Gunn for the Peace Scroll 2000

Bangkok, November 15, 1999

Peace will come, or more accurately, we will achieve Peace- when we make it our priority.

For most of the "western world", our priority is accumulation of wealth & power, which we are achieving well. For others, the priority is survival. When we make peace our first priority, we can certainly achieve it, when we put more money into peace research & development than into military and economic development.

Peace is not the absence of war any more than war is the absence of peace. War is a concerted effort to achieve something, (usually economic, despite what our governments say at the time).

When we make Peace a concerted effort, as we do at times, we always achieve least until something else becomes more "important" to us.

When we make a priority of passing along a peaceful, clean, livable world to our children & their children, we can achieve it, but if we think only of our own comforts, accumulation, & needs, there will be little left for our descendants.

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