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Women's Sweat Lodge

This Sweat Lodge is being run by Sundancers Kayron Lalonde & Mona Marcantel.  They can be contacted by email at M4a4m@aol.com.

  • Please call the ranch the day before or sooner to let Rena or Kristen know if you are coming. That way we'll know if someone is coming and who to expect.  Also, in the event of heavy rains, the Ranch would know if a sweat lodge is possible.

  • We are also asking women to bring wood and rocks if possible, so that the ranch crew doesn't have to take that on as well.

  • There will be a potluck feast afterward so everyone could bring a dish.

  • The sweat lodge is free, but donations for the ranch (Tax-deductible) are welcome.

  • Women on their moon can go to the Women's area at the medicine wheel  to pray, meditate or just have conversation with women of like mind while the sweat lodge is going on.  No fires at the medicine wheel are permitted and no moon time rituals or ceremonies are permitted either, since we believe that a woman on her moon is already in ceremony.