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  Child of Peace

Dedicated to my granddaughter Lila Grace and to Children of Peace from all nations

child of peace
birthed into a world turned upside down by apathy and injustice,
by fear and greed and misuse of knowledge

by your actions,
breathe fresh life into the petrie dish of humanity
through the nature of love and compassion

walk gently and in a conscious way upon the Earth,
and remember that 'with knowledge comes responsibility'

retain childlike wonder at the magnificence of the Universe

be in gratitude for the beauty of diversity

keep holy the sacred union of the heart and mind
and seek balance of both the masculine and feminine
energies that live within you

step into wholeness of the body, mind and spirit
and acknowledge your divinity

point the wings of the dove toward imagination
and soar into the limitless potential of being
as you sing your songs of peace

by Sharon Pacione
September 14, 2003

Written for the ICEA (International Council for Environmental Arts)
World Children's Peace Monument dedication in Berea, Ohio
September 14, 2003