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Dear Ones,
If the Universe has ears, our voices are heard;
If the Universe has eyes, our greatest needs are seen;
If the Universe has a mind, it knows our past, present, and future;
If the Universe has a heart, it shares our deepest desires;
If the Universe has a Soul, it is the One We All Know.
If you perceive Light in the Universe, behold your handiwork;
If you perceive Darkness in the Universe, witness your craft;
If you perceive a hole in the Universe, you see your own absence.
The basic difference between the Universe and us individuals? We still believe in the inner, therefore thought necessitates the outer. Let go of inner and outer and be as the Universe.
When you hold someone in Love and Light, who is holding you? In other words, first acknowledge the Love and Light that surrounds and inspires you, then summon the following names, these people, places and things, to join you within your Universe of Love and Light.
Held in Love and Light:
You, I, We;
The University of Arizona Nursing School;
the U.S.A.;
Love and Light are infinite.
Love and Light can hold All.
Love and Light can not hold that which you still hold.
Beginning in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, this Prayer Circle extends the Love and Peace of God through the Hearts and Minds of His Children. Where there is darkness and fear, We Affirm Light and Love.
Blessings Always,
Blessings All ways,

-Rev. Will Hoffpauir
-The Light of Christ
-Center for Applied Knowledge